Car tips for wipers in winter

Care tips for wipers in winter

Winter weather conditions can be incredibly harsh on our precious vehicles and windscreen wipers, being amongst the most critical components, are particularly vulnerable. To ensure that they continue to function optimally and provide you with the much-needed visibility during the inclement weather, proper maintenance is essential.

If you park your car outside and there is a chance of snow or freezing rain, it is a good idea to lift your wipers off the windscreen. This will prevent the wiper blades from sticking to the glass when it freezes and avoid damaging the rubber blade. You should also make sure the wipers are turned off when you park and cover or wrap them to prevent any damage from snow, ice, or freezing rain. To clear snow and ice from your windscreen, use an ice scraper or de-icer instead of damaging the wiper blades. It is important to remove all snow from the car and keep the windscreen washer fluid nozzles clear. Never use boiling water to clear your windscreen and wipers as it may cause more problems. Treat your wiper blades regularly with rubbing alcohol, check them for gaps, rust, or wear and tear, and clean your wipers and windscreen frequently to avoid any damage from salt, sand, and dirt.

Your windshield wipers can get damaged even if you take good care of them. It’s important to have good visibility while driving for your safety and the safety of others on the road. To make sure you’re safe, make sure your wipers are always in good condition. Call us on 07458148084 an get in touch with a mobile mechanic who replace them for you.